Tink Edwards

Co-Founder, Host, Editor

Tink is a co-founder, producer, host, and editor for The ReBrew Network. He loves you very much.

Stu Cookson

Co-Founder, Host

Stu is the co-founder and co-host of the Rebrew Podcast. He currently resides in Mobile, AL where he attends school and is working to build the network.



Kelli Sparkleborn, Probably not the First of her Name, the Unlearnt, Queen of Hockey Pants, Khellisi to u bitch, Breaker of Chains of Conversation, and Mother of Dwaguns

Suzanna Sweeney


Bad Dates Hostereeny

Scott Howard

Host, Vinegar Drinker

Brian Lilly

Host, Memes

Ryan Myers

Host, Editor

Ryan is an ASoIaF enthusiast and a full-time Bammer. He’s also a contributor and occasionally spends some time editing out awkward silences. Before you ask, why yes, you can buy him a beer.

Becky Sheehan

Host, Fashion

Quentin Edwards

Web, Design

Quentin does the techy and arty stuff for the network. He also likes cats.