The SEC Jerks 2018 Week 6 – Tink and Kevin N Sync

We review week 5’s lackluster slate of games, including Auburn’s soggy month-long bout with Southern Miss before moving on to week 6 and the big matchup between Florida and LSU. Also the ACT costs less than $50.

The SEC Jerks Week 5 – Comet Boys

Jake, Luke, Kevin, and Tink talk about Tennessee’s poor showing vs Florida, Auburn’s offensive woes, and out of conference shenanigans before moving on to week 5’s picks. That 2-5-1 week 4 is sure to be a fluke, right?

The SEC Jerks – Episode 10 – Week 11 – Gearing up for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Week 10 was full of close calls and upsets. We discuss those games before moving on to week 11, which is highlighted by Auburn hosting #1 Georgia.

The SEC Jerks – Episode 11 – Week 11-12 “DON’T BE A DAWG”

War! The Bama Republic is crumbling under losses at the linebacker position. There are heroes on both sides, but mostly offense. Evil is everywhere, but that’s nothing new. In a stunning move, the friendly Auburn leader, General Gus, has looked into his playbook and found PLAYS. As the Depressed Vol Army attempts to flee the… Continue reading The SEC Jerks – Episode 11 – Week 11-12 “DON’T BE A DAWG”