The SEC Jerks – Episode 12 – Reveille Week

It’s rivalry week here at The SEC Jerks and that means a lot of SUPER BIASED picks! We talk Georgia/GT, the Commode Bowl with Florida vs Florida State, and a slew of others before giving our thoughts on the most epic Iron Bowl to date (note: it will probably be a snoozer).

Soda Podinski – Episode 5 – Scott the Vinegar Boy

This week Scott and Brian are giving Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar a try and you can probably smell them from this text. Update: SCOTT BOUGHT THE WRONG THING AND DRANK ACTUAL VINEGAR FOR THIS SHOW LOL

Y’all Seen That? – Episode 21 – Black Mirror Season 4 Nosaes Rorrim Kcalb

This week we’ve all been taken over by an underworldly presence and become demons to talk about Black Mirror Season 4. We also discuss The Magicians, Super Mario World, Brigsby Bear, Ingrid Goes West, and Tink gets roasted for 15 minutes because he doesn’t like seafood.

Y’all Seen That? – Episode 22.2 – The End of the F***ing World

And we’re back! This week we discuss Celeste, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Big Little Lies, the Nintendo Switch, and a bunch of other stuff before diving into the Netflix original series The End of the F***ing World.