Soda Podinski Episode 42 – Cranberry Sauce Cocktail

Take a break from fighting with the family about politics and listen to this special Thanksgiving episode of Soda Pod, in which Scott and Brian talk about their favorite waifus, somehow recap the entirety of Interview With the Vampire, and review Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite.

The Groans of Castamere Episode 27 – Dr. Branhattan (w/ Quin from Ideas of Ice and Fire!)

This week the regular crew is joined by special guest Quin from Ideas of Ice and Fire to recap the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere! Listen as we discuss creepy Uncle Bran, Westerosi comedians, and the art of mailing it in. Check out Ideas of Ice and Fire on Twitter (@IDEASOFICE_FIRE), YouTube, and Patreon!

The ReBrew Podcast – The Hard Times

We are joined by The Hard Times’ Bill Conway and Matt Saincome to talk about satire, comedy, the punk and DIY scene, and more on a very special episode of The ReBrew Podcast! Music by Blame Sydney (Just Stand Still) Coverfire (Monday Morning) and The Cro Mags (Hard Times)!

Soda Podinski – Episode 10 – When Life Gives You Lemmy’s

Brian and Scott douse themselves in soap and vinegar to ward away the flies before tackling Lemmy’s Sparkling Lemonade on this week’s Soda Pod!

The Groans of Castamere – Episode 1 – Pilot

Welcome to The Groans of Castamere! It’s a podcast retrospective of HBO’s Game of Thrones from the perspective of jaded people who hate what the show has become. Join us in our descent into madness!