Soda Podinski Episode 41 – Candy Corninski

In this special Halloween edition of the show, Scott talks about his fear of the Robin Hood rooster, then brags about growing up rich. Brian calls grits “hot cereal” and a big fight ensues. Oh, they also try candy corn because Halloween!

Soda Podinski Episode 40 – Who Watches the White Claw?

Scott and Brian talk Watchmen and creepypastas involving lizard people hamburgers before trying a couple of White Claw flavors. How tipsy do they get? Listen to find out!

Soda Podinski Episode 38 – Hugstravaganza!

Scott and Brian come back from the break to try out Hugs Fruit Barrels. They also talk about the 90s slime obsession and how good Stretch Armstrong tastes before diving into their Meme of the Week. Listen at ReBrew.TV!