Game Drawl Episode 12 – Spider-man (2000)

This week we swing around a very foggy and blocky New York City in Spider-man on the PlayStation. With the recent release of Sony’s newest Spider-man game on the PS4 we thought we’d take a look backwards and see if the webslinger’s early foray into the world of 3D video games was successful. Does it… Continue reading Game Drawl Episode 12 – Spider-man (2000)

Y’all Seen That? Episode 30 – Infinity World

Scott, Khellisi, and Tink review Avengers: Infinity War, Cobra Kai, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Black Panther, Life of the Party and more before stepping into the saloon to talk about Westworld some more.

Soda Podinski – Episode 10 – When Life Gives You Lemmy’s

Brian and Scott douse themselves in soap and vinegar to ward away the flies before tackling Lemmy’s Sparkling Lemonade on this week’s Soda Pod!