The ReBrew Network 2018 Holiday Special

Happy holidays from the ReBrew Network! We hope you enjoy our 2018 holiday special, chock full of surprises, best-of-2018 discussions, a musical guest, and hopefully tons of festive cheer and ambience. Thanks for supporting us! We love you!

The SEC Jerks 2018 Week 13 – RoboJake

It’s rrrrrivalry week for the SEC Jerks! We have a light crew on account of the holiday but that won’t stop us from picking some intense rivalrific matchups in the SEC. We also talk about Auburn basketball, which is pretty good. Good job, Auburn basketball.

Game Drawl Episode 14.1 – Final Fantasy 4 Mechanics and History

We’re joined by Bailey Meyers from Goosedrunks ( to talk about the mechanics of Final Fantasy 4 followed by the pop culture history surrounding its release date. So we’re going all the way back to November of 1991!

Tales from the Scary Thing Episode 2 – Devil’s Advocate

Our first foray into Tales from the Darkside is the episode Devil’s Advocate, in which Jerry Stiller plays Mandrake, a bitter radio shock jock whose negativity gets him into a hairy situation.