Game Drawl Resident Evil 2 EXPANSION PACK – January 1998

In our very first standalone EXPANSION PACK to the Resident Evil 2 podcast, we talk about the other pop culture goings on in January of 1998! From WCW to Limp Bizkit to Half Baked, we cover the entire month’s media, news, and then some. Join us, won’t you?

Game Drawl Episode 17 – Resident Evil 2

Join us as we enter the post-apocalyptic zombie ridden Raccoon City with Leon and Claire to discuss the PlayStation (maybe) masterpiece Resident Evil 2! Plus there’s talk about Movie 43. Remember that mess?

Game Drawl Episode 15 – Bully

We’re talking BULLY this week. We go in-depth with Rockstar’s prep school adventure. There’s a lot of talk about doorknob cheese in this one. You have to listen to understand what that even is, so do!

Game Drawl Episode 12 – Spider-man (2000)

This week we swing around a very foggy and blocky New York City in Spider-man on the PlayStation. With the recent release of Sony’s newest Spider-man game on the PS4 we thought we’d take a look backwards and see if the webslinger’s early foray into the world of 3D video games was successful. Does it… Continue reading Game Drawl Episode 12 – Spider-man (2000)

Game Drawl – Episode 1 – Resident Evil (1996)

In our pilot episode of Game Drawl we discuss the silly stupid fantastic story of Resident Evil (1996) and also invent a construction worker zombie named Shumbles!