Y’all Seen That? October 2021 Minisode 6 – Dog Soldiers (2002)

Awwoooo, it’s werewolf time again as we continue our October spookython with a review of the 2002 military horror film Dog Soldiers! Remember when Movie Gallery had like 2000 copies of this thing? For early access to episodes support us at patreon.com/rebrewpodcast

The ReBrew Network 2020 Holiday Special

Ho ho ho and a jolly whatever you are celebrating from the ReBrew Network! This is our annual holiday special + YSTie awards – a celebration of all the things we loved in 2020. Hike up to our mountain cabin and relax by the fire as we discuss the movies, TV, games, music, and other… Continue reading The ReBrew Network 2020 Holiday Special

Y’all Seen That? Episode 37 – Interview w/ W. Peter Iliff!

Peter Iliff – writer of Point Break, Varsity Blues, and Patriot Games – joins Stu and Emily in a very special Y’all Seen That interview! Pete talks screenwriting stories involving Gene Hackman, Tom Clancy, Harrison Ford and more, lets us in on some awesome behind the scenes commentary on his hit movies, and gives us… Continue reading Y’all Seen That? Episode 37 – Interview w/ W. Peter Iliff!

Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 4 – Squonk

Emily and Stu meet the saddest, most awesome little cryptid – Pennsylvania’s teary-eyed forest monster SQUONK! This is the cutest episode yet! Songs used: Genesis – Squonk, Lacrimacorpus Dissolvens – In Times of Dark Days, Squonk Opera – “Mayhem and Majesty” “Glow”, Just Make Me Cry – Squonk!

Soda Podinski Episode 42 – Cranberry Sauce Cocktail

Take a break from fighting with the family about politics and listen to this special Thanksgiving episode of Soda Pod, in which Scott and Brian talk about their favorite waifus, somehow recap the entirety of Interview With the Vampire, and review Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite.