Y’all Seen That? – Episode 12 – Strangers Things Part 1

This week Scott and Tink talk for a while about the first half of Stranger Things season 2, as well as Tragedy Girls and Super Mario Odyssey. Also, Khellisi joins us from afar for a special segment of her own before we close out the discussion by talking about top 3 chocolate candies.

Y’all Seen That? – Episode 19 – The 2017 YSTies

It’s awards season here at Y’all Seen That?! We go over our favorite things from 2017 (and our not-so-favorite things) as well as Jumanji, Downsizing, Salt and Sanctuary, I, Tonya, various animes, and more!

Y’all Seen That? – Episode 23 – The Super Mario Bros The Movie The Podcast

We talk about The Cloverfield Paradox, football, The Sims, and more this week before JUMPING into a lengthy discussion of Super Mario Bros. The Movie from 1993!

Y’all Seen That? – Episode 24 – The Sims

Sorry for the delay, but here’s our episode mostly about The Sims – that wacky cartoon character torturing simulator for the early 2000s. Also we talk about The Ritual, making your own laundry detergent, Super Mario Odyssey, and a lot more.