Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 2 – The Wampus Cat

Emily and Tink hike the Appalachian Trail in search of information on the Wampus Cat Рa cougar woman with a rich history and lore! Big Cats of the Southeast (Part 3): The Wampus Cat and Other Anthropomorphic Depictions Days of wine and wampus in the north Georgia mountains

Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 1 – The Alabama White Thang

Emily and Tink get lost in the backwoods of Alabama in search of the Alabama White Thang – a cat alien bigfoot kangaroo monster that lurks around the northern part of the state. We discuss the potential Columbus, GA origins of the White Thang, recount eye witness reports of its existence, and much more in… Continue reading Now Entering Cryptid County Episode 1 – The Alabama White Thang

Game Drawl Retro – Link’s Awakening

Revisit the history and lore of Link’s Awakening with us before the Switch remake comes out by listening to OUR remake of a fantastic Game Drawl episode! Also 1993 has a lot of cool releases like Jurassic Park and Last Action Hero, and David Letterman leaves NBC!

Game Drawl Episode 7 – Castlevanias I-III

The gang talks old school Castlevania with a thorough rundown of the stories, characters, monsters, and porkchops from the original NES trilogy.