The ReBrew Network 2020 Holiday Special

Ho ho ho and a jolly whatever you are celebrating from the ReBrew Network! This is our annual holiday special + YSTie awards – a celebration of all the things we loved in 2020. Hike up to our mountain cabin and relax by the fire as we discuss the movies, TV, games, music, and other… Continue reading The ReBrew Network 2020 Holiday Special

Game Drawl Special – The Music of KK Slider

Hey gang. With the recent anxiety from the coronavirus pandemic + Animal Crossing: New Horizons still being a few days away we thought we’d provide a little relaxation in the form of KK Slider music. KK Slider is a popular Animal Crossing DOG MUSICIAN (named after longtime Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka) and a YouTuber (Tenpers… Continue reading Game Drawl Special – The Music of KK Slider

Game Drawl Episode 23 – The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (Adult Link – Part 1/2)

We continue our Ocarina of Time discussion by jumping forward 7 years and meeting Adult Link. And his counterpart Dark Link, who wears JNCOs and listens to Dashboard Confessional probably.

Game Drawl Episode 17 – Resident Evil 2

Join us as we enter the post-apocalyptic zombie ridden Raccoon City with Leon and Claire to discuss the PlayStation (maybe) masterpiece Resident Evil 2! Plus there’s talk about Movie 43. Remember that mess?