The ReBrew Podcast Episode 32 – Interview w/ Puppeteer David Stephens!

Stu and Sarah were lucky enough to sit down with David Stephens, a professional puppeteer who has worked with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, and also founded the puppeteering production studio All Hands Productions. In this episode the gang talks Muppets, the process of making puppets, insight into… Continue reading The ReBrew Podcast Episode 32 – Interview w/ Puppeteer David Stephens!

Soda Podinski Episode 42 – Cranberry Sauce Cocktail

Take a break from fighting with the family about politics and listen to this special Thanksgiving episode of Soda Pod, in which Scott and Brian talk about their favorite waifus, somehow recap the entirety of Interview With the Vampire, and review Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite.

Soda Podinski Episode 41 – Candy Corninski

In this special Halloween edition of the show, Scott talks about his fear of the Robin Hood rooster, then brags about growing up rich. Brian calls grits “hot cereal” and a big fight ensues. Oh, they also try candy corn because Halloween!

Game Drawl Resident Evil 2 EXPANSION PACK – January 1998

In our very first standalone EXPANSION PACK to the Resident Evil 2 podcast, we talk about the other pop culture goings on in January of 1998! From WCW to Limp Bizkit to Half Baked, we cover the entire month’s media, news, and then some. Join us, won’t you?

Game Drawl Episode 17 – Resident Evil 2

Join us as we enter the post-apocalyptic zombie ridden Raccoon City with Leon and Claire to discuss the PlayStation (maybe) masterpiece Resident Evil 2! Plus there’s talk about Movie 43. Remember that mess?