The 2019 YSTie Awards!

Hey surprise! We’re talking BEST OF 2019 in our annual YSTie awards show. Tink is joined by Emily McGrath, Ryan, and Anna to discuss the best movies, TV, books, and whatever else of the previous year. What a fun thing!

The SEC Jerks 2019 Week 12 – Chain Whip

Jake and Tink talk about the clash between Auburn and Georgia, coaching woes at Arkansas and USCe, and cool things teams should do on the sidelines to work the crowd!

Game Drawl News – 2019 E3 Blowout: Nintendo, Bethesda, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2, and Square Enix!

Nintendo! Vampire the Masquerade! Final Fantasy 7! And much more! We are joined by special guests Sarah, Gabriel, and Whitney to talk about the 2019 E3 content we actually enjoyed in a three hour blowout! Whitney: