We’ve all had ’em

Love life got you down? Or have you ever dated a ghost, demon, or slime monster? Bad Dates is a podcast about sharing dating experiences in the most comedic and cathartic way. Becky, Suzy, and Tink give advice and read your stories as well as our own. We are rooting for you.​


Scott and Brian love soda so much they are going to turn into a soda one day. Join them as they try out new and exciting sodas for your enjoyment each week, giving you a detailed review of each one. Sometimes Scott accidentally drinks vinegar.

Well, have y’all?

Do you like movies, television, books, video games, and other happenin’ pop culture trends? Join Tink, Emily, Stu, and Danni each week as they run down the latest goings on in nearly every medium.


Game Drawl is a show about the ridiculous world of video game lore. Scott, Brian, Stu, and Tink break down the stories and characters we all love/hate in your favorite video games from the NES and Master System all the way to the latest hip PlayStation titles or whatever. This podcast aren’t sick.

The ReBrews send their regards.

And who are you, the podcast said, that I must bow so low? Our very own Khellisi is joined by ASOIAF super fans Ryan and Tink to talk about the dismal state of HBO’s Game of Thrones by reviewing every single episode of the show, from the promising beginning to the bitter end.


Jake and Tink talk SEC football and give weekly analysis of both the previous week’s slate of games and the upcoming week’s hand egg matchups. They’re also very biased towards Alabama and Auburn.​

Tales From the Scary Thing

Things that go bump.

Scott, Stu, and special guests comedically analyze television horror anthologies such as Takes from the Crypt, Night Gallery, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The ReBrew Podcast

ReBrew co-founders Stu and Tink drink a new brew and talk about an overarching topic each week. They go in-depth and invite on knowledgeable guests to deep-dive into pop culture, science, video games, and whatever else each week.​